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Reliable Gate Operators from LiftMaster®

Heavenly Gates provides the highest quality operator that requires the lowest amount of maintenance. LiftMaster operators are highly reliable for Canada’s fluctuating and often extreme climates. We have installation specialists that can install your gate automation in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

LiftMaster® LA400DC Residential DC Linear Actuator

Delivering unsurpassed performance, the LA400DC Residential DC Linear Actuator allows you to secure your property quickly from anywhere. This actuator contains a battery backup that can last for up to 97 days without recharging.

LiftMaster® LA400DC Residential DC Linear Actuator


MyQ Technology allows you to securely monitor and control the gate operator and house lights via smartphone and the free MyQ Mobile app.

A battery backup allows for 400 cycles or 97 days of standby power, plus the system is solar-ready. Rated for gates up to 16 feet.
Multi-frequency secure radio technology with the Security+ 2.0TM patented system eliminates interference and offers twice the range of standard remotes.

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